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What is included in the 2 GB free account?

The 2 GB free account means you have 2 GB of resources available to you each month. This means that each month you could store 1 GB and download 1 GB, or you could store 2 GB and download nothing, or some other storage + download combination equaling 2 GB. It's up to you how you use it.

Does Airbox have file size limits?

There is no technical limit on the size of an object. Although, if you plan on uploading files larger than 5TB, please get in contact with support.

How many buckets can I have in an account?

There is no set limit on the number of buckets that can exist in one account. However, the ListBuckets API endpoint returns a maximum of 5000 results. We may introduce proprietary paging extension to this API in the future if necessary.

Note that before accounts that have not verified their email have a limit of 10 buckets.

Is there a minimum charged object size?

No. Disk usage is calculated on a per-byte per-hour basis. If you store a 1 byte file, you're , plus the length of it's key and any meta data attached to it.

Does Airbox perform well with small objects?

Yes! Airbox caches objects less than 200 KB in a key-value database stored directly on our SSD-powered edge servers.

Is there a fee for API requests?

Not really. API requests still return data, and this data counts toward your total download usage. However, this will be neglible in the vast majority of cases. There is no minimum per-request fee, as is the case with Amazon's S3.

Where is data stored geographically?

Airbox data is stored within the United States.

What is the reliability level of the storage?

First of all–measuring relability in terms of number of 9's is a bit silly, because there are an endless ways to actually measure this.

What we can say is that behind the scenes, your data is warehoused on a number of different brand-name storage vendors, where the risk of data loss behind enough 9's to make this a non-issue. Airbox does provide it's own custom API / caching layer, which hides away the complexies, annoyances, and hidden fees that come with dealing with one of these storage vendors directly.